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Elementary Bus Protocol

Parent Student Bus Protocol - Elementary

If you change address or need to change bus stops, you must speak with the school district (transportation and/or guidance secretaries).  Students will not be permitted to ride a different bus without school district authorization.


All students must ride the bus that they are assigned.  A bus pass must be obtained to ride another bus (only special/emergency situations).  Bus passes may be obtained from the transportation department.


Bus stop locations are based upon student safety and efficient routing.  Bus stop locations must be consistent in the morning and afternoon.  However, the morning bus stop and the afternoon bus stop can be at different locations.


If your child is not riding the bus home from school on a particular day, you must send a note with your child to school for his/her teacher.  This will insure that we do not put him/her on the bus.


When picking your child up at the end of the day, you will need to park in the elementary parking lot.  When all the buses have departed, you will proceed, with a picture ID, to the foyer of the elementary building to sign your child out.  The time frame for picking up your child after school is 3:45.  This could be earlier or later depending on the dismissal that particular day.


No student will be dismissed from school from 3:05 to 3:45.  If you need to pick up your child before the end of the day, you must also send a note to school and be off school property before 3:15.


All students will be assigned a seat on the bus the first week of school.  These seats may be switched at any time at the discretion of the driver, transportation director, or building principal.


All students will be held liable for any damages to the seat they are assigned.


Bus drivers will review all rules and guidelines for conduct on the bus the first day of school.  These rules must be adhered to during the course of the year.  These rules can also be found in the student handbook.


All students will be monitored by audio and video surveillance cameras on the bus.   The principals use this as a tool in dealing with discipline situations on the buses.


All students should be at their bus stop five minutes early; buses may be as much as five minutes early or five minutes late from target time.  Students must be visible at their assigned stop upon the arrival of their bus.


If a bus is going to be more than 10 minutes late, a global call will be sent out to alert parents/guardians.


Reminder to all parents/guardians -- Students must be dressed appropriately in extremely cold temperatures.  Two-hour delays may be called as a safety precaution, but the responsibility still falls on the parent to ensure their child is dressed for the weather conditions.