The Board of School Directors, in order to establish a safe and satisfactory transportation program, support these guidelines:

  • Students riding the school buses are under the direct supervision of the bus driver. 
  • The driver has the authority to assign seats.
  • Students must occupy the seats assigned to them by the bus driver and will be seated while the bus is in operation.
  • Students are only permitted to ride the bus to which they are assigned and must be at their designated loading point on time.
  • Students will stand a safe distance from the bus stop.  Pushing and shoving while loading and unloading is not permitted.
  • Talking in a normal tone is permitted.  Loud talking and yelling is unnecessary and is prohibited.  Swearing will not be tolerated.
  • Students are not to tamper with windows or vents without the permission of the bus driver and must not extend their hands, arms or head through the bus windows.
  • Harassing or tormenting other students is not permitted.
  • Pushing, shouting or fighting is not permitted.
  • Eating, drinking or use of tobacco is not permitted.
  • Students are not permitted to drop waste paper and rubbish on the floor of the bus.
  • Students should not talk to the bus driver while in route unless it is absolutely necessary.
  • In case of a bus breakdown, students are to remain on the bus until transportation is provided to school or home.
  • Destroying bus equipment could result in a permanent bus suspension for the school year.

Students violating the above rules and regulations will be reported to the school principal by the bus driver for disciplinary action.  Parents and students will be notified as to the course of action and reason for such disciplinary action.