Emergency Procedures


An accident or incident involving a school bus or other District contracted vehicle, which results in injury to a student or staff member or delay in reaching the desired location. In the case of a bus accident the following individuals need to be contacted by phone call or text: 1. Director of transportation; 2. Superintendent; 3. School resource officer; 4. Building principal(s).



  1. In most situations, accidents or delays involving school buses will be reported immediately by the carrier to the District transportation director.
  2. The transportation director will assess the information presented and, if necessary, call 911. However, in the event that a building administrator or secretary is notified first, that individual will obtain information regarding: bus number or route for activity requiring transportation; time and location of the accident or event; and the known extent and/or severity of any injuries to student passengers.
  3. The individual taking the call will attempt to notify in person or by telephone the transportation director, or, if the transportation director cannot be contacted, then the building principal or, if the building principal cannot be contacted, then the superintendent. Upon receiving the report, the transportation director promptly will provide all pertinent information to the superintendent and building principal, including a current student roster associated with the vehicle involved in the accident.
  4. The transportation director or designee (for when there are extenuating circumstances) and a representative from the carrier will report to the accident scene. The District official will maintain communication with the Administration Center Office to provide pertinent information to the superintendent.
  5. As appropriate, the carrier will dispatch another vehicle to the accident scene and evacuate any passengers not requiring medical attention.
  6. The building principal or his/her designee will notify the families of ALL passengers using the Student Emergency Information cards, with first priority to parents of students requiring medical attention. He/she will inform parents of the situation and direct them to the location for students requiring medical attention.
  7. The building principal will report to the medical facility in situations when students have been transported for treatment. Likewise, following the on-site investigation, the transportation director or designee will report to the medical facility to assist the building principal.
  8. Information to the media will be communicated only by the superintendent or his/her designee. Any media requests for interviews of school district personnel at the accident scene should be declined and such inquiries should be directed to the superintendent or his/her designee.
  9. Regardless of the severity of the bus accident, the school nurse as well as the school counselor (and, perhaps, classroom teachers, depending upon the age of the students) will talk with each student passenger to determine if additional medical or emotional attention is required.
  10. The transportation director will work collaboratively with the carrier and outside agencies, as applicable, to complete a comprehensive accident report and will provide a copy to the superintendent.