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A-RSD Online Excuse Form

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Apollo-Ridge School District
Online Absence Excuse

This online excuse form is to be used when your child has missed school.  Parent excuses will be accepted for illness up to a maximum of 10 days of absence for the entire year.  All days exceeding 10 will require a doctor’s excuse or they become unexcused.  All doctor excuses will be unexcused if they are not signed and dated by the doctor.  Any time your child has been seen by a physician, it is advised that you request a doctor’s excuse for your child to turn in to their homeroom teacher upon returning to school or you can simply upload it to this online form.  This will allow the school to duly record and track each individual absence as either medically or parent excused.  This online form or the actual paper excuse form must be used for all absences.  

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