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Emergency Communications


Apollo-Ridge utilizes the notification system embedded in the Sapphire student information system. All parents have access and the ability to edit their contact information and set up the parameters through which they wish to receive communications from the school. The parent portal can be accessed at this link. If you are unable to log in, please contact the Technology Department for assistance. 


In the case of ANY emergency or crisis, please do not call the schools. It is vital that we leave these lines open for emergency communication. Our parent notification system will be used to notify you of any emergency and provide the necessary instructions for reunification with your child. 



In the event that an emergency or crisis event should take place during the school day, the district will use appropriate and available resources to provide information, including our automated calling system and the District website. Should the situation require students to be picked up by parents, information will be posted on the district website and sent through our automated calling system with instructions regarding reunification. Please note that the safest and most efficient way to get students to their parents is by following any instructions communicated through the District, who will be working in cooperation with emergency responders to resolve the situation.



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Visitors to our school buildings may be asked to provide greater information before being granted entry during school hours. When parents or guests “buzz-in,” secretarial staff will inquire as to the purpose of the visit and whether or not an appointment or meeting has been scheduled. If you wish to contact a teacher or member of the administrative team, please call ahead to confirm their availability. Individuals without an appointment will not be permitted access to the building. As a reminder, school assemblies and events are not typically open to the general public, and opportunities when parents and guests are invited will be announced. If your visit requires entry to the building beyond the main office, you must present your driver’s license or appropriate identification in order to be issued a guest badge. This new system and process will enhance the safety of your children and our buildings, and your support and cooperation is appreciated in this endeavor.


The District works in cooperation with Kiski Township to provide two School Resource Officers in our buildings during the school day. As an on-duty police officer stationed within the school, they will be observing our transition times, student arrival/dismissal, and general practices to help us in being proactive to keep our campus safe. Additionally, the School Resource Officers will work in cooperation with our administration and staff to educate students on topics related to their safety and well-being which may include the dangers of drugs and alcohol, dangers associated with social media, and laws related to harassment and bullying.
The incorporation of “lock-down” drills is used as a common practice over multiple points in the year. These drills are intended to simulate the event that a danger is present on the school campus, and give students and staff a sense of calm and direction should its use ever become necessary. We will be holding lock-down drills throughout the school year, which will be announced as drills to the students so as to not cause concern. As a reminder, a “soft” lock-down has been used in past school years in cases where an investigation is taking place in the school that can best be accomplished when students are not in the hallways. This procedure does not indicate an immediate danger to students, but rather allows for a more efficient use of time and resources in investigating or addressing a concern.