Board » 2024-2025 Final General Fund Budget

2024-2025 Final General Fund Budget

At the June 24, 2024 Legislative meeting, the Apollo-Ridge School Board approved the 2024-2025 Final General Fund Budget. 
Inquiries may be made to Mrs. Deana Turner at 724-478-6020 or [email protected]

Fast Facts

The Final General Fund Budget:
  • Totals $29,926,876 and represents an 8.0% increase over the 2023-24 budget
  • Due to STEB market values and the multi-county rebalancing in the state's millage formula, Indiana County will increase to 21.4 mills and Armstrong will increase slightly to 64.5 mills.
  • A mill is worth approximately $172,000
  • Act 1 of 2006 establishes an index which is used to determine the maximum tax increase allowable. Apollo-Ridge’s index for 2024-25 is 7.9%. Act 1 also provides relief for Homestead/Farmstead approved properties. Total approved properties = 2,528; 2024-25 Homestead/Farmstead exclusion for approved properties is approximately $528.  
Open the link below for a detail of the budget.