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Not pictured, Mr. Schultz and Mrs. Ross


VWOA Board of Directors Vacancy | Villages of Westcreek - San Antonio ...

The Apollo-Ridge School District is seeking applications to fill a vacancy on the Board of Directors. The position will be filled upon appointment and complete the term of the previous director, expiring in December 2025.


Interested individuals may submit a resume, statement of financial interest, and letter of interest detailing why they would like to be a member of the Board and what qualities or skills they may add to the team of Directors.


Applicants must be at least 18 years of age, a resident of the Apollo-Ridge School District, and of good moral character. Pursuant to state law, during his/her first year, the appointed school director will be required to complete a training program consisting of at least five (5) hours of instruction regarding instruction and academic programs, personnel, fiscal management, operations, governance, ethics and open meetings.


Application materials must be received noon of Wednesday, June 5, 2024.

They may be submitted via email to Deana Turner, Board Secretary, at

[email protected], in person at the Apollo-Ridge High School

Office, or by mail:

Mrs. Deana Turner, Board Secretary

Apollo-Ridge School District

1825 State Route 56

Spring Church, PA 15686

President - Mr. Gregory Primm - 2027
826 North Second Street, Apollo, PA 15613
724-478-1042     [email protected]
Vice President - Mr. Forrest Schultz - 2027
186 Laurel Way, Spring Church, PA  15686
724-478-4541     [email protected]
Mr. Dominick Duso - 2025
1979 State Route 56, Spring Church, PA  15686
724-478-3402     [email protected]
 Treasurer- Mr. John Clark - 2025
119 Florida Avenue, Apollo, PA 15613
317-650-7523  [email protected]
Mr. Paul King - 2025
3136 Sportsmen Road, Apollo, PA 15613
724-448-5596     [email protected]
Mrs. Rebecca Ross- 2027
1503 State Route 56E, Apollo, PA 15613
724-478-3713     [email protected]
Mr. Wayne Sodowsky - 2027
1129 Edmon Road, Apollo PA  15613
913-547-2508     [email protected]
Mrs. Susan Wenckowski - 2027
208 South 4th Street, Apollo PA  15613
724-478-4733     [email protected]
Board Secretary - Mrs. Deana Turner
Apollo-Ridge School District
PO Box 219, Spring Church PA  15686
724-478-6020     [email protected]
Solicitor - Mr. Matthew Hoffman, Esquire 
Tucker Arensberg
1500 One PPG Place, Pittsburgh, PA 15222


The Apollo-Ridge Board of School Directors was recognized by the Tri-State Area School Study Council (University of Pittsburgh) for its unwavering commitment to continuously improve our district. Their ongoing trust of the administration and focus on students makes them an outstanding board. Their innovative problem solving and creative budgeting solutions propel Apollo-Ridge to exceptional accomplishments.