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District Directory - Alphabetical Listing

This is a comprehensive listing of all Apollo-Ridge staff members. If you wish to reach an individual by phone, please dial the District's main number, 724-478-6000, followed by the individual's extension.
Aikins Kathy Building & Grounds Custodian 6051 [email protected]
Akins Kimberlie Elementary Secretary 5001 [email protected]
Allison Brandon Middle School/High School Health/PE 1502 [email protected]
Alwine Carrie Elementary Grade 3 5224 [email protected]
Anderson Christina Elementary Grade 1 5304 [email protected]
Anderson Courtney Elementary Principal 5005 [email protected]
Arcurio Briana  Elementary Paraprofessional   [email protected]
Barrett Dan High School/Middle School Art 1405 [email protected]
Barta Travis Middle School MS Principal/Curriculum 2011 [email protected]
Barta Kristen Middle School/High School Emotional Support 2127 [email protected]
Barton Jennifer Elementary Grade 4-5 5424 [email protected]
Baustert Karen High School Paraprofessional 1109 [email protected]
Bielek Rebecca Cafeteria Food Service 6007 [email protected]
Biller Jamie High School/Middle School Family/Consumer Science 1406 [email protected]
Bledsoe Stephanie Elementary Grade 2 5408 [email protected]
Bloom Katrina  Elementary Elementary Teacher 5203 [email protected]
Sammons Nancy High School Biology 1305 [email protected]
Boggs David Building & Grounds Custodian 6051 [email protected]
Boggs Lisa Elementary Paraprofessional 5323 [email protected]
Broman Marcia Administration Special Programs Secy/ACCESS Coordinator 6060 [email protected]
Brown Becky Administration Payroll/Benefits Coordinator 6023 [email protected]
Brown Michele High School Guidance Secretary 1020 [email protected]
Buchholz William (Tim) Building & Grounds Maintenance 6050 [email protected]
Busch Hsiao Elementary Art 5117 [email protected]
Byers Audra Cafeteria Food Service 5230 [email protected]
Campbell Carla Elementary School Registered Nurse Assistant 5127 [email protected]
Campitella Nancy High School/Middle School Paraprofessional 2125 [email protected]
Carnahan Linda Building & Grounds Custodian 6051 [email protected]
Cecchini Sandra Middle School Reading 2104 [email protected]
Cicala Debra Middle School Paraprofessional 2000 [email protected]
Clark Christopher Administration Director of Special Programs 6034 [email protected]
Cleveland Daina Middle School Science 2115 [email protected]
Clever Katie Elementary Kindergarten 5206 [email protected]
Colamarino Donna Elementary Kindergarten 5205 [email protected]
Consuegra Daniel High School Principal 1011 [email protected]
Corsi Lori Elementary Paraprofessional 5226 [email protected]
Crewe Barbara Middle School Secretary 2000 [email protected]
Cronin Christina Elementary Grade 1 5307 [email protected]
Curci Matthew Administration Superintendent 6010 [email protected]
Danka Chad Elementary Grade 4-5 5428 [email protected]
Daugherty Daniel Middle School Mathematics 2120 [email protected]
Davis Gary Administration Director of Transportation 1060 [email protected]
Deceder Afton Elementary Grade 4-5 5325 [email protected]
Marsh Joe Districtwide School Resource Officer 1013 [email protected]
Desiderato Robert Middle School Social Studies 2112 [email protected]
DiSanti Caelyn Middle School/High School Health/PE 1506 [email protected]
Domiano Beth Cafeteria Food Service 6007  [email protected]
Donelow Wendy Elementary Kindergarten 5207 [email protected]
Dudek Rachel Districtwide Custodian 6051  
Dunmire Nikki Elementary Kindergarten 5208 [email protected]
Dunmire Bobbie Jo Elementary Paraprofessional 2125 [email protected]
Faber Joseph Building & Grounds Maintenance 6050  [email protected]
Faiola Kim Elementary Lunch Monitor 5230  [email protected]
Fair Kara Middle School Guidance Counselor 2020 [email protected]
Fello Robert High School/Middle School Librarian 1040 [email protected]
Ferguson Lisa Administration Accounts Payable 6022 [email protected]
Fisher Monika Middle School Science 2114 [email protected]
Flick Kathy Elementary Grade 4-5 5423 [email protected]
Flickinger Amanda Elementary Paraprofessional 5122 [email protected]
Fox Gregory Middle School/High School Learning Support 1103 [email protected]
Frassenei Katie High School Athletic Trainer 2200 [email protected]
Fryer Janie Elementary Grade 1 5305 [email protected]
Gabriel Erika Elementary Computer Teacher 5120 [email protected]
Gadola Cynthia High School Social Studies 1203 [email protected]
Gartley Josh Technology Technology Assistant 6501 [email protected]
Gorman Sarah Technology Help Desk/Data Tech 6301 [email protected]
Gorski Lori Elementary Emotional Support 5122 [email protected]
Gourley Richelle Elementary Pre-K 5306 [email protected]
Gourley Carol High School/Middle School Nurse/Homeless Liaison 1030 [email protected]
Grantz Matthew High School Physics/Math 1301 [email protected]
Gray Kathy Middle School/High School Paraprofessional 2127 [email protected]
Greenlee Bethany High School English 1101 [email protected]
Gromley William Building & Grounds Custodian 6051 [email protected]
Grove Lindsey Middle School English 2109 [email protected]
Gruseck Margaret High School English 1205 [email protected]
Guido Amy High School Business & Computer 1212 [email protected]
Hartman Tina High School Secondary Science  1303 [email protected]
Hart Kelly Middle School/High School World Languages  1106 [email protected]
Hastings Heidi Middle School English 2119 [email protected]
Higgins Kathryn Elementary Librarian/ESL 5128 [email protected]
Hines Katelyn  Elementary LTS Speech Language Pathologist 5324

[email protected]

Hunker Lisa Cafeteria Food Service 6007 [email protected]
Isenberg Jason High School/Middle School Life Skills 2125 [email protected]
Johns Jessica High School Social Studies 1116 [email protected]
Johnson Kevin Administration Director of Technology 5112 [email protected]
Jones Jenna Elementary Learning Support 5222 [email protected]
Jones Andrew High School Mathematics 1306 [email protected]
Jones Ashley Middle School Reading/Learning Support 2124 [email protected]
Kachur Kathryn Elementary Elementary Counselor 5007 [email protected]
Kehew Jeneane Elementary Grade 1 5303 [email protected]
Kenzevich Katherine Elementary Grade 4-5/Learning Support 5226 [email protected]
King Danielle Elementary Reading Specialist/Grades 4-5 5328 [email protected]
Kline Seth Building & Grounds Custodian 6051 [email protected]
Kostiuk Cristine Districtwide Apollo-Ridge Education Foundation President 1805 [email protected]
Kraus Amy Elementary Grade 2 5407 [email protected]
Kunkle Amy Elementary Secretary 5000 [email protected]
Kutch Shelley Elementary Reading Specialist 5124 [email protected]
Laws Jamie Administration

Director of HR/Administrative Assistant to the Superintendent

6010 [email protected]
Lewis Karen Elementary Learning Support 5226 [email protected]
Ligo Nicole Middle School Secondary English 2106 [email protected]
Lizik Lawrence High School Business/Computer 1104 [email protected]
Lucas Leanne Elementary Learning Support 5405 [email protected]
Lukehart Michelle High School Secondary Guidance 1021 [email protected]
Lydon Michelle Administration Secretary Curriculum/Technology/Athletics 6032 [email protected]
Lynch Danielle Elementary Elementary Teacher 5204 [email protected]
Manifest August Middle School/High School Social Studies 2121 [email protected]
Marsh Darice Cafeteria Food Service 6007 [email protected]
Mazurek John Elementary Grade 3 5228 [email protected]
McCormick Christine  High School Secretary 1001 [email protected]
Mika Christa Middle School Mathematics 2111 [email protected]
Miller Lisa Middle School Reading 2116 [email protected]
Mion Mona Elementary Nurse 5113 [email protected]
Mitchell Emily High School Learning Support 1803 [email protected]
Monstrola Michael Elementary Health/PE 5118 [email protected]
Moore Jerry Middle School Grade 6 Social Studies 2107 [email protected]
Morrow Marlene Cafeteria Food Service 6007 [email protected]
Murphy Lori Elementary Grade 4-5 5326 [email protected]
Myers Thomas Building & Grounds Custodian 6051 [email protected]
Myers Diane Cafeteria Food Service 5230 [email protected]
Oaks Randy Building & Grounds Asst. to Director of B/G 6050 [email protected]
O'Rourke Kelli Administration Food Service Director 6007 [email protected]
Ost Michael Building & Grounds Maintenance 6050 [email protected]
Paes Ekaterini Elementary Paraprofessional 5222 [email protected]
Palmer Lisa Cafeteria Food Service 6007 [email protected]
Palmiere Madeline Districtwide Speech Clinician 2117 [email protected]
Paouncic Lori High School/Middle School Vocal Music 1507 [email protected]
Peace Laurie Building & Grounds Custodian 6051 [email protected]
Peace Pamela Elementary Paraprofessional 5115 [email protected]
Peters Lindsay Elementary Paraprofessional 5122 [email protected]
Pisarcik Cindy Cafeteria Food Service 6007  [email protected]
Powers Lisa Elementary Learning Support 5115 [email protected]
Primm Beth Building & Grounds Administrative Assistant 6051 [email protected]
Radebach Hayley Cafeteria Food Service 6007 [email protected]
Rattigan Patrick Technology Tech Support 6500 [email protected]
Reese Kenneth Middle School Mathematics 2108 [email protected]
Reese Rebecca Middle School Science 2113 [email protected]
Reilly Ellen Elementary Grade 2 5406 [email protected]
Rogalski Catherine High School English 1201 [email protected]
Rusz Kara Elementary Gr 2 Reading 5404 [email protected]
Saxion Michael Elementary Gr 1-2 Science/SS 5308 [email protected]
Sciotti Cameron Elementary Paraprofessional 5122 [email protected]
Scotece Kristen High School Spanish 1105 [email protected]
Shearer Heather Cafeteria Food Service 6007 [email protected]
Shoop Kelly High School Learning Support/Read 180 1102 [email protected]
Shultz Laurel High School Mathematics 1300 [email protected]
Sieczkowski Brandi Elementary Grade 4-5 Math and Learning Support 5425 [email protected]
Skiba John Administration Athletic Director, Director of School Safety and Student Services 6910 [email protected]
Smarsh Pamela Building & Grounds Custodian 6051 [email protected]
Smarsh Veronica Building & Grounds Custodian 6051 [email protected]
Snyder Brenda High School/Middle School Paraprofessional 2125 [email protected]
Snyder Rebecca Elementary Music 5119 [email protected]
Stahl Angel High School/Middle School BCIT+ 2040 [email protected]
Stedrak Nikki Elementary Grade 3 5223 [email protected]
Swan Thomas Building & Grounds Custodian 6051 [email protected]
Thomas Janetta High School Secondary Guidance 1022 [email protected]
Tipton Christy Cafeteria Food Service 6007 [email protected]
Townsend Heather Middle School Paraprofessional 2125 [email protected]
Traill Dustin High School Tech Ed 1401 [email protected]
Trkula Tawnya High School  Secretary of Student Services  2125 [email protected]
Turner Deana Administration Business Administrator 6020 [email protected]
Virag Gavin Districtwide Instrumental Music 1045 [email protected]
Wagner Jason Elementary Grade 4-5 5427 [email protected]
Weinel Beth Elementary Grade 4-5 5327 [email protected]
Wenckowski Leigh High School Chemistry 1302 [email protected]
White Danielle High School English 1100 [email protected]
Wingard Brenda Cafeteria Food Service 6007 [email protected]
Zawacki Christopher High School Social Studies 1204 [email protected]
Zelonka Jeffrey High School Biology 1304 [email protected]
Ziencik Kelly Elementary Grade 3 5227 [email protected]
Zimmerman Brenda Elementary Lunch Monitor 5230 [email protected]