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District Directory - Alphabetical Listing

This is a comprehensive listing of all Apollo-Ridge staff members. If you wish to reach an individual by phone, please dial the District's main number, 724-478-6000, followed by the individual's extension.
Aikins Kathy Building & Grounds Custodian 6051
Akins Kimberlie Elementary Secretary 5001
Allison Brandon Middle School/High School Health/PE 1502
Alwine Carrie Elementary Grade 3 5224
Anderson Christina Elementary Grade 1 5304
Anderson Courtney Elementary Principal 5005
Arcurio Briana  Elementary Paraprofessional
Barrett Dan High School/Middle School Art 1405
Barta Travis Middle School MS Principal/Curriculum 2011
Barta Kristen Middle School/High School Emotional Support 2127
Bartha Raymond Administration Athletic Director 6033
Barton Jennifer Elementary Grade 4-5 5424
Baustert Karen High School Paraprofessional 1109
Baylor Catherine Elementary Paraprofessional 5202
Bielek Rebecca Cafeteria Food Service 6007
Biller Jamie High School/Middle School Family/Consumer Science 1406
Bledsoe Stephanie Elementary Grade 2 5408
Bloom Katrina  Elementary Elementary Teacher 5203
Blyshak Nancy High School Biology 1305
Boggs David Building & Grounds Custodian 6051
Boggs Lisa Elementary Paraprofessional 5323
Broman Marcia Administration Special Programs Secy/ACCESS Coordinator 6060
Brown Becky Administration Payroll/Benefits Coordinator 6023
Brown Michele High School Guidance Secretary 1020
Buchholz William (Tim) Building & Grounds Maintenance 6050
Busch Hsiao Elementary Art 5117
Byers Audra Cafeteria Food Service 5230
Campbell Carla Elementary School Registered Nurse Assistant 5127
Campitella Nancy High School/Middle School Paraprofessional 2125
Carnahan Linda Building & Grounds Custodian 6051
Cecchini Sandra Middle School Reading 2104
Cicala Debra Middle School Paraprofessional 2000
Clark Christopher Administration Director of Special Programs 6034
Cleveland Daina Middle School Science 2115
Clever Katie Elementary Kindergarten 5206
Colamarino Donna Elementary Kindergarten 5205
Consuegra Daniel High School Principal 1011
Corsi Lori Elementary Paraprofessional 5226
Crewe Barbara Middle School Secretary 2000
Cronin Christina Elementary Grade 1 5307
Curci Matthew Administration Superintendent 6012
Danka Chad Elementary Grade 4-5 5428
Daugherty Daniel Middle School Mathematics 2120
Daugherty Susan Middle School Paraprofessional 2125
Davis Gary Administration Director of Transportation 1060
Davis Jolene Elementary Paraprofessional 5115
Deceder Afton Elementary Grade 4-5 5325
Depanicis Anthony Districtwide School Resource Officer 1013
Desiderato Robert Middle School Social Studies 2112
DiSanti Caelyn Middle School/High School Health/PE 1506
Domiano Beth Cafeteria Food Service 6007
Donelow Wendy Elementary Kindergarten 5207
Dudek Rachel Districtwide Custodian 6051  
Duff Michele Elementary Lunch Monitor 5230
Dunmire Nikki Elementary Kindergarten 5208
Dunmire Bobbie Jo Elementary Paraprofessional 2125
Faber Joseph Building & Grounds Maintenance 6050
Faiola Kim Elementary Lunch Monitor 5230
Fair Kara Middle School Guidance Counselor 2020
Fello Robert High School/Middle School Librarian 1040
Ferguson Lisa Administration Accounts Payable 6022
Fisher Monika Middle School Science 2114
Flick Kathy Elementary Grade 4-5 5423
Flickinger Amanda Elementary Paraprofessional 5122
Fox Gregory Middle School/High School Learning Support 1103
Frassenei Katie High School Athletic Trainer 2200
Fryer Janie Elementary Grade 1 5305
Gabriel Erika Elementary Computer Teacher 5120
Gadola Cynthia High School Social Studies 1203
Gartley Josh Technology Technology Assistant 6501
Gorman Sarah Technology Help Desk/Data Tech 6301
Gorski Lori Elementary Emotional Support 5122
Gourley Richelle Elementary Pre-K 5306
Gourley Carol High School/Middle School Nurse/Homeless Liaison 1030
Grantz Matthew High School Physics/Math 1301
Gray Kathy Middle School/High School Paraprofessional 2127
Greenlee Bethany High School English 1101
Gromley William Building & Grounds Custodian 6051
Grove Lindsey Middle School English 2109
Gruseck Margaret High School English 1205
Guido Amy High School Business & Computer 1212
Hartman Tina High School Secondary Science  1303
Hartman Kelly Middle School/High School World Languages  1106
Hastings Heidi Middle School English 2119
Higgins Kathryn Elementary Librarian/ESL 5128
Hines Katelyn  Elementary LTS Speech Language Pathologist 5324

Hunker Lisa Cafeteria Food Service 6007
Isenberg Jason High School/Middle School Life Skills 2125
Jackson Ron Building & Grounds Custodian 6051
Johns Jessica High School Social Studies 1116
Johnson Kevin Administration Director of Technology 5112
Jones Jenna Elementary Learning Support 5222
Jones Andrew High School Mathematics 1306
Jones Ashley Middle School Reading/Learning Support 2124
Kachur Kathryn Elementary Elementary Counselor 5007
Kehew Jeneane Elementary Grade 1 5303
Kenzevich Katherine Elementary Grade 4-5/Learning Support 5226
King Danielle Elementary Reading Specialist/Grades 4-5 5328
Kline Seth Building & Grounds Custodian 6051
Kostiuk Cristine Districtwide Apollo-Ridge Education Foundation President 1805
Kraus Amy Elementary Grade 2 5407
Kunkle Amy Elementary Secretary 5000
Kutch Shelley Elementary Reading Specialist 5124
Laws Jamie Administration HR Specialist 6010
Lewis Karen Elementary Learning Support 5226
Ligo Nicole Middle School Secondary English 2106
Lizik Lawrence High School Business/Computer 1104
Lucas Leanne Elementary Learning Support 5405
Lukehart Michelle High School Secondary Guidance 1021
Lydon Michelle Administration Secretary Curriculum/Technology/Athletics 6032
Lynch Danielle Elementary Elementary Teacher 5204
Manifest August Middle School/High School Social Studies 2121
Manofsky Amy Grace Elementary Kindergarten 5203
Marsh Darice Cafeteria Food Service 6007
Mazurek John Elementary Grade 3 5228
McCormick Christine  High School Secretary 1001
Mika Christa Middle School Mathematics 2111
Miller Lisa Middle School Reading 2116
Mion Mona Elementary Nurse 5113
Mitchell Emily High School Learning Support 1803
Monstrola Michael Elementary Health/PE 5118
Moore Jerry Middle School Grade 6 Social Studies 2107
Morrow Marlene Cafeteria Food Service 6007
Murphy Lori Elementary Grade 4-5 5326
Myers Thomas Building & Grounds Custodian 6051
Myers Diane Cafeteria Food Service 5230
Oaks Randy Building & Grounds Asst. to Director of B/G 6050
O'Rourke Kelli Administration Food Service Director 6007
Ost Michael Building & Grounds Maintenance 6050
Paes Ekaterini Elementary Paraprofessional 5222
Palmer Lisa Cafeteria Food Service 6007
Palmiere Madeline Districtwide Speech Clinician 2117
Paouncic Lori High School/Middle School Vocal Music 1507
Peace Laurie Building & Grounds Custodian 6051
Peace Pamela Elementary Paraprofessional 5115
Peters Lindsay Elementary Paraprofessional 5122
Pisarcik Cindy Cafeteria Food Service 6007
Plassio Nicole  Elementary LTS Speech Language Pathologist 2117
Powers Lisa Elementary Learning Support 5115
Primm Beth Building & Grounds Administrative Assistant 6051
Radebach Hayley Cafeteria Food Service 6007
Rattigan Patrick Technology Tech Support 6500
Reese Kenneth Middle School Mathematics 2108
Reese Rebecca Middle School Science 2113
Reilly Ellen Elementary Grade 2 5406
Rogalski Catherine High School English 1201
Rusz Kara Elementary Gr 2 Reading 5404
Saxion Michael Elementary Gr 1-2 Science/SS 5308
Sciotti Cameron Elementary Paraprofessional 5122
Scotece Kristen High School Spanish 1105
Shearer Heather Cafeteria Food Service 6007
Shoop Kelly High School Learning Support/Read 180 1102
Shultz Laurel High School Mathematics 1300
Sieczkowski Brandi Elementary Grade 4-5 Math and Learning Support 5425
Skiba John Administration Director of School Safety and Student Services 6910
Smarsh Pamela Building & Grounds Custodian 6051
Smarsh Veronica Building & Grounds Custodian 6051
Snyder Brenda High School/Middle School Paraprofessional 2125
Snyder Rebecca Elementary Music 5119
Stahl Angel High School/Middle School BCIT+ 2040
Stedrak Nikki Elementary Grade 3 5223
Swan Thomas Building & Grounds Custodian 6051
Thomas Janetta High School Secondary Guidance 1022
Tipton Christy Cafeteria Food Service 6007
Townsend Heather Middle School Paraprofessional 2125
Traill Dustin High School Tech Ed 1401
Trkula Tawnya High School  Secretary of Student Services  2125
Turcotte Shannon Elementary Speech Clinician 5324
Turner Deana Administration Business Administrator 6020
Virag Gavin Districtwide Instrumental Music 1045
Wagner Jason Elementary Grade 4-5 5427
Weinel Beth Elementary Grade 4-5 5327
Wenckowski Leigh High School Chemistry 1302
White Danielle High School English 1100
Wingard Brenda Cafeteria Food Service 6007
Zawacki Christopher High School Social Studies 1204
Zelonka Jeffrey High School Biology 1304
Ziencik Kelly Elementary Grade 3 5227
Zimmerman Brenda Elementary Lunch Monitor 5230