Transportation Discipline Procedure

In the past we have had some difficulty with students' behavior on the buses. We want to inform you of our procedures when dealing with a serious bus situation.  If a student enters a bus and is threatening another student and or the driver, the procedure below will be followed:
  • He/she will be brought into the principal's office.
  • The principal will contact the parents/guardians to come to the school to retrieve their child.
  • If the principal cannot contact the parents, the next step will be to contact people listed on your child's emergency sheet.
  • If there is still no response, then the principal will call the bus contractor..
  • The bus contractor will send a van and transport your child home.
  • The bus contractor will bill you for the cost of the transportation.

Please note that this procedure will only be implemented when there is a real threat of harm or danger to other students or to the driver. We want to be pro-active in handling bus discipline problems. Please have a heart-to-heart talk with your child about this procedure. We are looking forward to your cooperation and support in this endeavor. Our main concern is the safety of your children.

Response Progression to Inappropriate Bus Conduct




The parents are notified of the incident by mailing them a copy of the "Unsatisfactory  Bus Conduct Report."  Notification is accompanied by a letter from the principal explaining the potential consequences if their child continues to display inappropriate behavior.  A copy of the report and letter is also sent to the teacher.  The teacher's responsibility is to address the issue with the child by discussing the incident and the potential consequences.  However, the teacher is not to dispense any type of punishment. 

The bulk of the responsibility to curb the child's behavior on the bus belongs to the parent .


Basically, the same response as for the first offense.  However, more emphasis is focused on the fact that in the event the child receives another report a three day suspension from riding the bus will occur


Again, parents and the teacher are notified.  A three day bus suspension is imposed.


Notification is sent to all relevant parties.  The letter indicates that a fifth report will constitute a four day suspension.


Notifications are sent and a four day bus suspension is imposed.


Notifications are sent indicating that the seventh report will result in a five day bus suspension.


Notifications are sent.  A five day bus suspension is imposed.


All subsequent reports will be FIVE DAY BUS SUSPENSIONS and readmission on the bus may be dependent upon the results of a conference with the parents and school personnel. 

PLEASE NOTE:  The "Response Progression" could vary depending on the severity of the situation.