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Apollo-Ridge School District Home of the Vikings

Special Education

The Special Education program at the Apollo-Ridge School District offers a variety of supports including:
  • Learning Support
  • Life Skills Support
  • Emotional Support
  • Speech/Language Support
  • Vision Support
  • Deaf/Hard of Hearing Support
Parents that have children with Autism may be offered various types of support to meet the child's needs although a formal Autistic support classroom is not available within the district.
Parents that feel their child may qualify for services in the school may request an evaluation for their child.  The evaluation will be conducted by the individual qualified (school psychologist, speech/language therapist, etc).  A meeting will be held to discuss the evaluation and if the child qualifies, an individualized education program (IEP) will be developed.  
In an effort to increase trainings for parents, I have created some online presentations of various topics.  Please view and contact me if you have any questions.  I hope you find them beneficial.  They are below for viewing.  Click on the links to view the videos.