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Apollo-Ridge School District Home of the Vikings



  • As the winter months have arrived, please be sure that your contact information is correct in Sapphire. If your phone number(s) have changed, please be sure that the schools are aware or you have updated your account to receive any necessary notifications.
  • Please remember, if school would be cancelled due to weather conditions or other emergency scenarios, those days will be “made up” according to the days designated on the approved school calendar. After we have exhausted all of the scheduled make-up days, virtual instruction days will be used to provide instruction. This will help provide continuity of instruction and avoid adding additional days to the end of the school year in June.
  • Though extremely uncommon, all parents should have a plan in place in the event of an early dismissal. Families should have a plan for child care or providing for the change in schedule for their children. This preparation is not limited to days when winter weather may be expected, but also for unexpected events that affect the school’s operations. We work as hard as possible to avoid these situations, but we all have learned that there are unexpected events that can arise.
  • With regard to the Face Covering Order, it is still in place for all school districts. Face coverings are required for all students, staff, and visitors regardless of vaccination status while inside of district facilities. The PA Supreme Court will begin consideration of the legality of the Order beginning on December 8. If they rule the Order was legal, the District will still be required to mandate face coverings. If the Order is overturned, the District will revert back to the current Health and Safety Plan. Our current plan states face coverings will be strongly recommended, but not required.
  • Though the supply chain has improved a bit as far as food service, we are still limited in what we are able to order and the quantities we receive each week. Menus will continue to be placed on the website on a weekly basis to give the most accurate information.
  • Please be sure to check the calendars for each school building for information regarding upcoming events. This is a great time of year to see our students perform on the stage and on the court.

Please stay healthy and safe!

Dr. Matt Curci


Apollo-Ridge School District