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Apollo-Ridge School District Home of the Vikings


Dear Apollo-Ridge School District Families,

Due to unforeseen shipping delays caused by COVID-19, the laptops that were ordered in April will not be delivered before the start of school.  As a result, it does not appear that we will be able to secure enough laptops to give our prek-12 student population 1:1 school issued devices for the start of the school year.  We are roughly 250 short of making this happen.   

We are asking that if families have a device at home that they can use, without needing a school issued device, that you please let us know. If we can rally together as a community, it would help us tremendously to get our school year started without the use of packets for our students. 

For example, a family with two students may have 1 device at home and therefore, only needs to be issued one school device to start the year. 

As soon as the devices are delivered to our school, we will distribute them so that we can meet our goal of providing 1:1 devices.  We are aware that we are not the only district facing this dilemma and are hoping that we can count on our families to pull together until all devices are secure. 

If you have a device at home that could be used to start the school year, please fill out the form “Apollo-Ridge Volunteer Bring Your Own Device” to let us know who we do not need to give a laptop to at the start of the year.  We can’t thank you enough for considering this suggestion.