Friday, December 15, 2017

Apollo-Ridge Elementary School


every child, one voice



Dear Parents and Guardians,


By becoming a PTA member, YOU can make a difference in helping to provide the many wonderful programs and activities we bring to every student.  Some of these include:


FREE Yearbooks to all elementary students

FREE t-shirts to all elementary students

FREE field trips to all elementary students

Books to Go program

Track & Field Day- FREE lunch provided by PTA

FREE assemblies throughout the school year

Santa's workshop


Moms, Dads, Teachers, Aunts, Uncles and grandparents are all urged to join.  Decades of research show when parents are involved, students perform better in school.


Refer to the committee descriptions attached and join the committee(s) that interest you and fit in your schedule. Most committees require less than half a day of your time and do NOT require child abuse clearances.


Only field trip chaperones are considered “Program Volunteers” because they may have unsupervised contact with students.  They will need to obtain all 3 clearances: FBI, Child Abuse, and State Police clearances.  The cost of obtaining these clearances is approximately $50.  Once you have the clearances, they are good for 5 years.  If you need more information, please see the link on the A-R Elementary website under “Volunteer Clearances.”


Please send the following information in a sealed envelope marked “PTA MEMBERSHIP” to your child's teacher by September 25th:


Membership form

Signed “Volunteer Affirmation Statement” on the back of the membership form.  (If you would like to review a copy of the Apollo-Ridge School District Volunteer Policy, CLICK HERE.

$6 membership fee may be paid in cash, money order, or check.  Please make money order or checks payable to “Apollo-Ridge Elementary PTA”


If you have any questions, please contact Lisa Palmer (membership chairperson) at 724-726-7035 or email  Feel free to contact me at the contact information below or we can discuss your questions at the next PTA meeting.  CLICK HERE for our meeting dates. All PTA meetings are held in the LGI room located on the second floor of the Elementary School.


Thank you,


Jessica Cochran

Apollo-Ridge Elementary PTA President

Phone: 412-303-7593




School volunteers are vital to the success of our programs.  Volunteers who may find themselves in situations where they are the sole custodians of students will need to have valid (less than 365 days old) Child Abuse, Criminal Background, and FBI Fingerprint clearances on file.

Once the clearances are on file with the appropriate building(s), the volunteer need not have to apply again as long as they spend at least one day per school year actively volunteering in our schools.

Questions??? Call Cris Kostiuk at 724-478-6010 for clarification.