Friday, December 15, 2017


MISSION:  To build a quality product safely

AR-INC is an elective class that offers students a real-world experience.  The students established a manufacturing company with a BUSINESS, ADVERTISING, AND CONSTRUCTION plan to complete the necessary tasks to develop a product and take it to market. 

The resulting AR INC. is a business with a PRODUCT and a GOAL in mind. 

PRODUCT: picnic tables

GOAL:  purchase additional equipment for the Technology Department




The BUSINESS TEAM developed the company from scratch and brainstormed ideas for a product.  Ideas ranged from engraved glasses to the chosen product, picnic tables.

Upon making the decision to manufacture picnic tables, the BUSINESS TEAM felt the product should be unique.  The decision was made to incorporate personalized engraved inserts into the design.

To capitalize on the current theme of school pride, the BUSINESS TEAM suggested samples be made with the Apollo-Ridge logo.  Several other designs that appeal to families, hunters, and other enthusiasts were created.  AR INC, with the use of an Epilog Laser Engraver, has the technology to create any design presented.




Advertising is an important part of AR INC - how well you advertise is directly linked to the amount of product you can sell. 

Along with business cards and a web page, the ADVERTISING TEAM created a poster to promote the product that includes information on how to contact AR  INC and how to place an order.

The ADVERTISING TEAM also raffled off a table at the Homecoming football game to generate interest in the product.




The CONSTRUCTION TEAM is the manufacturing part of the company.  The students created fixtures to increase accuracy and productivity.  They also designed the aluminum leg boots.

The tables - at a base cost of $100 - are identically constructed.  Options include a custom-engraved insert or an umbrella hole. All tables are clear-coated to prevent surface weathering.

For $40 - custom-fitted aluminum leg "boots" - can be added to the order.  This upgrade protects the table legs from deteriorating, increasing the life of the product.



The CONSTRUCTION TEAM developed a multi-fixture building system to ensure accuracy and efficiency.  The first fixture is used to build the top of the picnic table.  A second fixture is for the legs, which presets the angles to ensure sturdy accuracy.  The final station is where the magic happens -- the top and legs are assembled and the seat boards are attached -- the manufacturing process is completed in 10 minutes!

AR INC SYLLABUS: The objective of this course is to have the students in the 


Technology Education and Business Department design and develop a company. 


Students will manufacture various products for marketing. Encompassed in a "real world"


setting and experience, students will exhibit a customized education. 


Students in Manufacturing and Graphics will produce the products using


numerous materials, technologies, and machines.  Students will master the use of


the laser engraver, vinyl cutter, related programs using the iMac computers,


and an array of woodworking machines and tools.


Download this form and return it to:


Apollo-Ridge High School
PO Box 219, Spring Church PA  15686